Generation Y? Because they’re the future leaders of our working world…

Aug 17, 2017 | Opinion

We sat down with Rethink Group’s CEO Andy Lord to hear his take on how millennials are disrupting the traditional workplace.

I really hope I’m still knocking around the workplace in 20 years time as I want to see how awesome businesses become under the leadership of Millennials.

To me, standing still and procrastinating are the biggest barriers to running a successful business; that’s why Generation Y excites me. They’ve already reduced the average start-up age from 35 to 27 years old – grabbing their own destinies and taking the reigns of business at an earlier time in their lives.

They’re free spirited, free thinkers, and best of all they have the world at their fingertips. Past barriers to global working are completely gone, with Millennials free to shape their day and connect with anyone, anywhere – as and when they wish.

They may well have been berated by dads like me for spending their teenage years on their smartphones, but that’s empowered them and armed them all with a raft of digital skills that come naturally.

They’re establishing a completely new economic trajectory; one without limits. Millennials don’t see issues if something falls outside their skill set – they simply embrace the growing concept of collaboration and partner with great minds who do things they can’t. They break the stale ‘office’ monotony, they co-work and share physical spaces and ideas to make great things happen.

And although they shirk the 9-5, they set working patterns that best suit them – meaning they work a lot harder and smarter in the process.

History’s mainly recorded and delineated by industrial revolutions, Generation Y with their revolutionary approach to their careers – and the overall digitalisation of business – means that the next very exciting era’s about to commence.

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