Deciphering the findings of the Taylor Review

Aug 10, 2017 | News

The Taylor Review into the changing world of work has just been published, making fascinating reading for anyone in business – not just talent managers and freelancers, but anyone with their finger on the pulse of how our attitudes to work are evolving.

Some news outlets have called the report recommendations the ‘biggest reset for workers for a generation’; the key finding centred around creating security for workers in flexible arrangements. To aid this, the report calls for greater clarity around the ambiguity of definitions of employment status in the UK.

It’s an imperative step, as so many businesses have lost out on great talent because there’s a lack of clarity on the arrangement – and a lack of understanding of how far they can go in terms of offering employee style benefits – things like holiday, sick pay, minimum wage rights.

It’s now down to intermediaries like Rethink, business leaders and politicians to get our heads together and bring that clarity to the forefront of business – especially when giggers and employers are dealing with head-scratching issues such as tax.

Prime Minister May has also promised that the clarity won’t come with ‘overbearing’ legislation or red tape. Music to our ears, as that red tape could stifle freelancers and talented people who just want to collaborate and do a great job.

Ultimately, the gig economy’s growing pretty fast, and it can’t be ignored; at their last count, McKinsey estimated 5 million of us now work in this way. It’s a shame then, that freelancers and giggers are vulnerable – it’s up to us all to better collaborate and keep great people motivated.

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