We aim to be the pre-eminent recruitment service provider to the media, broadcasting and entertainment industry.

Our values

We collaborate

Together as one team, we apply our collective genius to deliver exceptional work. We’re stronger together and believe in the ‘greater good.’

We trust

Trust is the foundation of our success. We maintain high trust in one another and are trusted to do our best.

We grow

We’re always learning – this never stops. We take accountability for our personal growth, striving to challenge ourselves and reach further every day.

We're authentic

We are who we are, and we bring our true authentic selves to work every day. We’re inclusive, open, honest and non-judgemental, always leading by example.

We're curious

We’re not afraid to ask ‘why’ or challenge the status quo. We seek to do better, being purposely curious for ourselves and our clients every day.

We're autonomous

We ‘own it’. We’re empowered to challenge, be curious, put forward our ideas and make decisions with confidence.

Our board members

Rudolph Botha
Rudolph Botha
Group Chief Financial Officer
A qualified chartered accountant with senior, executive and NED experience in several leading organisations and investment committees...
Mark Lee
Mark Lee
Chief Executive Officer
20 years of experience working with and driving business change within high-growth recruitment service and technology businesses in EMEA...
Farooq Mohammed
Farooq Mohammed
Non-Executive Director
John O'Sullivan
John O'Sullivan
A founder, non-executive director and chairman of the board with 30 years of experience in recruitment and strategic advisory...