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Rethink Group is a private company with a total issued share capital of 118,647,422 Ordinary, A-Ordinary and C-Ordinary shares of 0.1 pence. Up to 8th December 2014 the Company's shares were listed on the Alternative Investment market ("AIM"). At a General Meeting held on the 26th November 2014, shareholders approved resolutions to cancel the admission of the shares from trading on AIM and to re-register the Company as a private limited company. The delist took effect from 9th December 2014 and the re-registration as a private limited company took effect on 29th December 2014.

Description of the Business 
Rethink Group delivers recruitment and talent management services internationally to transform businesses into higher performing organisations.

Corporate Governance
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Directors and Committees

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Trading Rethink Group Ordinary Shares
The Company has established an electronic off-market dealing facility for the Ordinary Shares which will be administered by Asset Match, a firm authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The facility allows Shareholders to trade their Ordinary Shares on a matched bargain and arm's length basis via periodic auctions to be held every three months. Click here to register/access this service. The facility operates under its' own code of practice, which governs the behaviour of participants and the running of the auctions. This code of practice is available to view at  


Country of incorporation and main country of operation

Rethink Group is incorporated in England and Wales; England is its main country of operation.

Current Constitutional Documents
Articles of Association (PDF 52KB)


Significant Shareholders
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Financial Reports and Company Documents

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