Company and share ownership infomation.

Description of Business

Rethink Group delivers recruitment and talent management services internationally to transform businesses into higher performance organisations.

Country of Incorporation: England and Wales.

Main Country of Operation: England.

Details of any exchanges or trading platforms on which the company has applied or agreed to have its Securities admitted or traded: Asset Match.

Securities in Issue: 118,647,422 ordinary shares of 0.1p per share.

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of Securities: Please refer to the company’s Articles of Association or contact the Company Secretary, Ben Felton (

Significant Shareholders


Business Growth Fund 25,000,000 21.07%
M Bennett 12,600,000 10.62%
A Lord 12,100,000 10.20%
I Blair 11,100,000 9.36%
J O’Sullivan 6,767,494 5.7%
F Mohammed 5,437,605 4.58%
S Kidwai 5,437,605 4.58%
S Wright 4,428,571 3.73%
Share Nominees Ltd 5,612,194 4.73%
J Sadiq 4,100,000 3.46%

Total Issued ordinary shares – 6th July 2016: 118,647,422

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