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Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

The Foundation works with young people from disadvantaged areas across the north west of England, enabling them to make the most of themselves in sport, school and life. Our support includes sponsoring events and encouraging employees to contribute to the Foundation’s aims and activities.

This year Rethink have supported the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation by participating in some charity sports days which have raised over £1000.

Sports Days


A personal story of why we support the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation by Andy Lord, COO of the Rethink Group


Let me tell you about Samuel.... Samuel turns up for training wearing his dad’s size 11 trainers. They are the only pair of trainers in the house, and Samuel has size six feet.

Samuel never misses a session; it’s the highlight of his week. And he never complains that his shoes don't fit him, because he just wants to run and get away from hanging around on street corners. When Diane told me the story, it brought tears to my eyes.

The next day I bought Samuel a new pair of trainers. They were presented to him at a Foundation training session to recognise his commitment and 100% attendance at practice. He couldn't stop saying thank you and literally skipped through the whole session. Or as Samuel put it: "I feel confident because when I push the ground it feels weightless. It feels like I'm not running in any shoes at all".