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How Rethink Group have been supporting Ashton Football Club and their scheme to promote Respect in the game.

Ashton Football Club are one of the largest amateur and youth clubs in South West of England and provide access to football for boys and girls from the age of 5 to 18 and beyond with a pathway into Adult football with Ashton & Backwell United and close partnerships local professional clubs academies.

The FA’s Respect programme was created several years ago to tackle abusive and unacceptable behaviour towards referees and young people participating in the game and has had significant success in improving the situation. So when we learned of Ashton FC’s new initiative to promote the importance of the Respect Programme, by applying the “Respect” logo to everyone of their 480 players shirts, Rethink Group were keen to get involved and support the scheme by purchasing a kit of one of their sides.

Chris Cranshaw, Rethink Group’s Digital Marketing Executive and Vice Chairman of Ashton Football Club said:

“The FA’s Respect campaign has been around for a while now and with the usage of “Respect” branded banners, signage throughout the grounds and parks we play at and promoted on club stationary and online platforms, we have seen a huge drop in reported incidents during matches. However, as coaches and parents, we also appreciated that players, coaches and supporters are often so focused on the game and watching what is happening on the pitch, that these messages are often forgotten about or lost in the moment."

One way we felt we could make a difference and raise awareness during games was to introduce the Respect logo onto our kits so they are more visible to all participants on the field of play.

In order to achieve this major undertaking of finding funds for approximately 25 teams, it would only be a reality with the support of commercial sponsors. Without the likes of Rethink Groups, this scheme would not be possible. Rethink’s sponsorship of the club has enabled one of our teams to be kitted out in a new, professional grade kit and we are hugely grateful for Rethink’s continued support in helping the club provide equipment and access to football for young people around the south Bristol area.”